Early Action Project Grants

Early Action Projects 

The Tepe Park Neighborhood Association has a vision for our neighborhood to become a place where families choose to live, work, worship, play, has an improved reputation, and is known for positive energy and strong relationships. In October 2017 we adopted a Quality of Life Plan to guide the process of change for the neighborhood. Now it is time to act on the plan to bring our ideas to life.

Beginning on July 16, 2018 through August 20, 2017 we accept applications for early action projects in the neighborhood. If you are a resident with a solution, you are eligible to apply!

The goals of the early action projects are:

To have immediate and positive impact on the quality of life in the neighborhood.

To activate residents of all backgrounds in the neighborhood vision.

To build engagement in the six neighborhood Priority Areas.

To launch quick win projects that can be completed with $250-$1,000.


Projects must engage and bring together residents throughout the Tepe Park neighborhood, and/or provide visible result in the short-term (3-6 months).

Funding requests must be for new projects or an expansion of an existing project.

Applicants need to show a clear connection between the project proposal and the Quality of Life plan priority area strategies and goals.

Applicants must explain how the project will contribute, at least in some small way, toward making Tepe Park a great place to live in the long-term.


Resident(s) will complete the project application and submit it to the Early Action Project Selection Committee for review.

Click Here to Download the Early Action Projects Application

The Selection Committee may contact applicants for discussion regarding the projects and may include meeting(s), phone conversations, and/or electronic correspondence.

Applicants may need to give a brief presentation (3-4 minutes) and answer questions about their project to the Neighborhood Leadership Team at their monthly meeting.  

Grant awards will be announced no later than September 30, 2018. Awardees will be informed of the committee’s decision by phone or email, and a list of awardees will be posted on the tepepark.org website and Facebook page.

Community One will draft an agreement sent to the applicant via mail. Once the agreement is signed and returned, funds will be disbursed directly to the awardee. (This process usually takes 2-4 weeks to complete.)

A brief report describing results will be expected no later than six months after project funds are disbursed. Project pictures are required with the report.

Letter from your Neighborhood Housing department…

Housing Department

Volunteering is essential to building a better community and giving back for many reasons, but did you know it could also help you in your personal life and career goals?

The biggest excuse people give for not volunteering, is “not having enough time.” What if you looked at volunteering as a way to get a better job, gain skills to start your own business, get into politics or public speaking or advance your life in some other way that’s important to you and your family?

One of the greatest barriers for people in finding good paying jobs in Evansville right now is a lack of skills. What if you could gain the types of skills employers are needing and wanting, while building up your professional network of people (CEO’s, politicians, organizational leaders, etc.) and increasing your resume attractiveness to prospective employers?

This is what volunteering can do for YOU. You can volunteer in areas in which you’d love to work while gaining skills, making the right connections, and creating a positive name for yourself through serving a certain cause or goal. Volunteering can also help move you up the ladder in your current job.

So, this year, invest in yourself, by investing in your community.

The Tepe Park Neighborhood has multiple focus areas covering almost every aspect of living:
Education Safety/ Crime Communications Community Building
Parks and Healthy Living Events and Fundraising Housing Economics & Jobs
Everyone can find a spot to shine and make a difference in the city where you live, while gaining skills to improve their personal lives.

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Attention Job Seekers!

WorkOne is hosting a Job Fair on Thursday 1/18/2017 from 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM at WorkOne Southwest located at 700 East Walnut Street. Over 20 employers will be in attendance.

See below for complete details.


Have a Vectren Bill Problem?

Tis the season for cold weather, and we are hitting some extremely low temperatures, which can put some Vectren customers in some serious financial trouble.

If you live in the Tepe Park area and have a disconnect notice that you need help finding a solution to, please drop Lisa an email at housing@tepepark.org or come to the Tepe Park Clubhouse during our Friendly Friday (see our calendar on the neighborhood website www.tepepark.org for dates and times) and talk to her. We do not pay any payment for you but can work out special arrangements with Vectren. We can also direct you to other needed resources and places that can help with payment.

If you do not live in the area but just need to be pointed in the right direction for help, we can do that too.

If you are unable to get service in your own name due to a past bill, and it is preventing you from finding stable, safe housing, please contact Lisa to see what options are possible to correct the situation.

Utilities are a basic need and we are working hard with Vectren to ensure that the need can be met in the best possible way. Every situation is different, but we hope this program will help those most in need to be able to keep going forward.


Tepe Park Safety and Housing Meetings Announcement

Have you been wanting to get involved in your neighborhood? Want your voice and ideas to be heard? Has evening meeting times or children been stopping you? Well the Safety and Housing departments here in the Tepe Park Neighborhood are trying something new this year!

Safety will be meeting on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month from 5-7pm at the Tepe Park Clubhouse 1212 S. Garvin. For those who have children and need some type of activity for them so you can join the team, an adult lead activity will be held at the same time. You need to let Cathy know ahead of time so we know how many and ages. safety@tepepark.org

The police and politicians can not resolve the escalating violence and crime on their own. It takes the residents stepping up and taking back their neighborhoods. Fear only allows the situations to get worse. There is strength in numbers and cooperation, and that is what this group is providing. Make a difference in the place you call home!

The Housing department has moved their time to the 1st and 3rd Thurs a month from 12-2pm at the Tepe Park Clubhouse. We did this to give those who can not make it to evening meetings due to work/school/ family obligations the chance to participate in the planning and project development for the neighborhood.

The three main focuses of 2018 for Housing are: code enforcement with heavy emphasis on rental properties; working on getting a Tepe Park Housing Fund in place to serve the homeowners in the neighborhood who need home repairs, help with code violations, and curb appeal; we will be launching a youth program this spring, in collaboration with Safety, to serve kids from ages 6-19. It is still in its development phase but we be will be making announcements the closer we get.

Anyone can do this. You don’t need special training, just the drive to see change in the neighborhood. We are also an open association, meaning no matter where you live you can be a member and join in.It is your chance to direct the course of a real neighborhood revitalization controlled by residents and collaborating with partners. It’s your opportunity to make a real measurable difference!

Get in touch with one of our Tepe Park Neighborhood departments that you have an interest in and get started. It’s time to bring community back into our neighborhoods. It’s time to show the criminal element that we are standing together and will not tolerate that behavior here. It’s time to focus on investing in people!

Quality of Life Plan

Last year Community One offered to put together a Quality of Life plan for Tepe Park to use in its revitalization efforts. They held listening sessions with residents and consulted with outside partners and entities to gather the information. They presented the final version of the Quality of Life Plan at our October General Meeting. Click this < Quality of Life Plan > link to download and view the entire plan presented.

Association Structural Changes

This section will allow you stay current with everything going on in Tepe Park. It will also allow us to let residents know about programs that could help or benefit them.

The Association has made some structural changes to better serve our neighborhood. We now have nine Departments that will focus on their key target areas within the neighborhood, and work with each other on overlapping projects. Each Department will be run by a Director and volunteer Staff to develop and implement plans and projects to improve the neighborhood for the residents who live here.
The Communications Department is working on a comprehensive communications plan to ensure every Tepe Park resident has the opportunity to stay informed and have a voice in neighborhood planning and issues. This will include the use of technology, mail, and direct contact. It is important to voice your opinion and become a member so you have a vote in what goes on in your neighborhood.
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