The New Tepe Park Housing Department

As many of you know the Tepe Park Neighborhood Association has undergone some changes recently, one of which was creating departments to focus on specific areas to help us grow stronger as a community. The Housing Department is just getting started but we have a couple of projects we are currently working on. Our first large project is the Tepe Park Neighborhood Database. We are having a custom database built so we can compile all public information on every property in Tepe Park. There are several goals we hope to achieve with this:

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The New Tepe Park Projects

Within the next couple of months, each Department will be posting an article here to explain their approach, areas they will be focusing on, and any current projects they will be working on. This gives every resident the opportunity to be aware of any new programs or plans happening in their neighborhood. Becoming a member of Tepe Park Association gives residents the power to vote on proposed projects and issues that affect our neighborhood and residents. Any Tepe Park resident, home-owner, renter, or business, can become a member. Just contact our Membership Department for details: We hope that you are as excited as we are about all the possibilities to revitalize and grow our neighborhood. Big changes are coming to Tepe Park, so don’t get left out!

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