The New Tepe Park Housing Department

As many of you know the Tepe Park Neighborhood Association has undergone some changes recently, one of which was creating departments to focus on specific areas to help us grow stronger as a community. The Housing Department is just getting started but we have a couple of projects we are currently working on. Our first large project is the Tepe Park Neighborhood Database. We are having a custom database built so we can compile all public information on every property in Tepe Park. There are several goals we hope to achieve with this:

  1. We will be able to track and monitor abandoned/ vacant properties in real time. Document their current conditions, assess if they can be rehabbed, ensure they are properly secured for neighborhood safety, track their progress through the system with updates to residents, and help ensure the outside conditions (such as grass/ landscaping) do not pose issues for surrounding neighbors and the neighborhood.
  2. We can identify empty lots that can be used in other ways, such as: pocket urban gardens (fruit and vegetable) for residents, playing fields for the neighborhood children, gathering places to walk and benches. There are a lot of options we can try to pursue as a community.
  3. Monitor any newly abandoned/ vacant houses. This will allow us and the city to develop new ways to deal with these properties before they end up as blighted and non-usable homes.
  4. We can identify and monitor housing conditions of rental houses. Ensuring they do not have code violations that decrease surrounding home values or put neighbors/ renters at risk. We will be working closely with the city to ensure action is taken and companies are held accountable for the properties they own in our neighborhood.

These are just a few of the opportunities the Database can provide to help improve our neighborhood. It will take some time to complete it and we are asking residents to help with any information they may have on properties around them, especially identifying: rental properties, empty lots, and vacant homes. You can email all information to Your identity will remain anonymous to everyone outside of the Housing Department. Along with this, you will see people out taking pictures of the homes/ properties in the neighborhood. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to voice them, and we will do our best to answer them.

Our second big project is the creation of a Tepe Park Housing Fund. Again, this project will take some time, and we will be pursuing partnerships with community groups, businesses, grants, and so forth to make this plan a reality. The main objective of the Housing Fund is to help homeowners in Tepe Park to repair property and house issues such as: painting, fixing porch rails, gutters, and with the proper funding larger issues such a roofs, insulation, and siding repairs. One large component of this will be volunteers from the neighborhood. Neighbors helping neighbors. We will be starting small and growing larger as we go. If you are a resident, business, or member and would like to be added to the volunteer list for future projects please email us at We will need your contact information, skills or materials you would like to volunteer, and any other information you feel we should know. We will then put you on the volunteer list for future use as projects arise and we acquire the materials and people to complete them.

Every good house needs a strong foundation and that is what we are trying to build. It will take some time, but ultimately it will take the efforts of residents like you and me. As we grow and look to larger projects such as rehabbing a home to convert to a Tepe Park Educational Center or possible uses for vacant land, just as examples, we will put together a proposal with options and present to the Tepe Park Association Board. If approved, we will present it to residents/ members both at an advertised meeting as well as here in the Neighborhood Projects section of the website giving everyone the opportunity to hear and review it. The Housing Department will give all voting members 30 days from the time of presentation to cast their votes, and majority rules.

To have a vote you have to be a member of the Tepe Park Association, and any resident of Tepe Park can become a member. For more information on becoming a voting member please contact Vennetta Mitchell Director of the Membership Department at
If you are interested in joining the Housing Department, and are a resident (home-owner or renter) of Tepe Park, please contact me at
We look forward to working with our fellow residents in order to improve our neighborhood and the place we call home.
Lisa Barnett, Director of the Tepe Park Housing Department

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The New Tepe Park Projects

Within the next couple of months, each Department will be posting an article here to explain their approach, areas they will be focusing on, and any current projects they will be working on. This gives every resident the opportunity to be aware of any new programs or plans happening in their neighborhood. Becoming a member of Tepe Park Association gives residents the power to vote on proposed projects and issues that affect our neighborhood and residents. Any Tepe Park resident, home-owner, renter, or business, can become a member. Just contact our Membership Department for details: We hope that you are as excited as we are about all the possibilities to revitalize and grow our neighborhood. Big changes are coming to Tepe Park, so don’t get left out!

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We are currently looking for Tepe Park residents to be part of our new neighborhood initiatives. Help develop the plans that will shape our neighborhood and have a voice in the process. The new Departments will cover areas such as: the Park expansions, neighborhood gardens, safety issues such as streets and sidewalks, new and affordable housing, Job creation and neighborhood businesses, blight and home rehab, block captains, and much more. If you are interested in learning more please contact us.

Meeting Information

  • Date: 3rd Monday of the month (except Jan, Feb, and Aug) at 6:30 pm.
  • Location: Tepe Park Club House, 1212 South Garvin
  • Please call Kathy Rosa 812-499-9637 to verify meeting date/location.

Crime Prevention

This association is in the South Sector and the Crime Prevention Officer is Erik Belford, 812-435-6107. The South Sector meets the 2nd Thursday of odd months at CK Newsome Center, 6:00pm.

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